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The International Conference on Plastic and Cosmetics Surgery, condensed as Cosmetics 2019, is a two-day gathering of world renowned researchers, surgeons, experts and practitioners of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery field on March 11-12, 2019 at London, UK.  The objective of this conference is to gather like-minded coteries to facilitate flow of ideas, thoughts, suggestions and motivations. It revolves around the theme Pioneering Techniques to Enhance Research in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
The scientific event focuses on the research which is currently being undertaken in the field of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery include: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, Otolaryngology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Neurology, and Stem Cell Technology.
This conference will help the attendees in building strong professional network by facilitating fresh perspective of ideas, knowledge in recent advancements, one-on-one engagements and streamlining of techniques. Cosmetics 2019 is organized under the belief that human interactions and discussions open door to new innovations and inventions. We are proud facilitators of such an opportunity.
Target audience:
Plastic Surgeons
R&D Companies
Ph.D. Scholars
Healthcare Companies
Medical Equipment Companies
Plastic Surgery Societies

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